Ticino Girl

“The Girl from Ticino” is a small-format masterpiece painted with a striking empathy. On her back, the young woman is carrying an empty wicker basket, with which she carries the harvested hay from the alpine pastures to the farm in the valley. Undoubtedly, this is hard work, especially for a slender woman, but she does […]

Evolution – The Next Level


Ralph Hübschmann’s beauteous wood sculpture “Evolution – the Next Level” is a captivating exploration of posthumanism, blurring the boundaries between humanity and technology with phosphorescent cords attached to a gender-less face that appears to be transitioning from nature to robot. This unique piece of art encourages viewers to consider the implications of posthumanism, and to […]

Ticino Girl in the Back Courtyard


Once again, Voegtli has painted an aquarelle, titled “Ticino Girl in the Back Courtyard.” Most likely, it’s the same young woman that he had already immortalized in “Ticino Girl” (Picture 46). This time it’s almost impossible to recognize her face; however, she again is wearing a red headscarf, a blue dress – this time with […]


julius-voegtli-matterhorn-aquarell, 18x24cm

In a pure blue sky stands strong a white mountain named Matterhorn, one of the most famous peaks of the Alps. It is, at first glance, an honorable depiction of the strength and power of the mountain which, on the one hand, goes up to the highest place in the sky and, on the other […]

Forest Mood

julius-voegtli-forest-mood-aquarell-on-canvas-15 x 23 cm

Ecophobia is defined by Estok (2011) in Ecocriticism and Shakespeare as “It denotes fear and loathing of the environment” – in much the same way that the term “homophobia” denotes fear and loathing of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals (p. 24). It is a recent term in ecology studies and defines a part of Western culture. […]



The monumental format of this painting “Golgotha” reflects the importance of the theme in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Chagall paints it in 1912, in his workshop in La Ruche, with as much energy as wisdom. Titled originally dedicated to Christ, it is exhibited that same year in Berlin’s Walden Gallery. The large dimensions of the canvas […]

The Violinist

Marc Chagall. The FiddlerLe violoniste1912-1913. Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The violinist invades the central space of this large painting, a format over which reigns supreme: dancing in support of the foot on the roof of a house, and around it you can see a hamlet reminiscent of Vitebsk, where Chagall spent his childhood and youth. Uprooted in Paris, the artist goes into the memories […]


Lido - Julius Voegtli

“Umwelt” is a German word for “kingdom” or “world.” It is a biological term coined by Uexküll (1934, p. 5) to denote the world as seen by an animal. The term brought about a revolution in human culture and affected Heidegger’s criticism on Western civilization and human-centeredness. Throughout history, Western philosophy has looked at man […]

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus


There were two versions of the subject (the one not illustrated here, a wooden panel is also in Brussels, in the collection of David and Alice van Buuren; it also shows Daedalus in flight), although scholars are of the opinion that it is are two copies of a lost Bruegel original. The works have a […]

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