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Wolfgang Erbens (1927-2016): A Journey through the Art of a Great Austrian Artist

1 March 2023 – 25 April 2023 THE LONG-AWAITED WOLFGANG ERBENS EXHIBITION LANDS AT HONG ART MUSEUM, CHONGQING CURATORS: Zhang Hang (张航), Nour Nouri Co-CURATORS: Tom Lin (Hong Art Museum), Dr. Davood Khazaie (Pashmin Art Consortia) ACADEMICADVISOR: 重庆市美术家协会 Chongqing Artists Association Hong Art Museum is proud to present the first-ever exhibition of the renowned Austrian artist Wolfgang Erbens. This long-awaited

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Artistic Odyssey: Four Paths, Four Perspectives

Ali Kasap | Kaan Ege Önal | Leo Silvius | Wolfgang Sobol Vernissage: 08.04.2023 / 7 PM Welcome Speech: Nour Nouri (Director of Pashmin Art) Presenter: Jasmin Eikmeier (Art Consultant) Opening Speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie (International Curator) Exhibition period: 08.04. – 28.04.2023 Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg is very excited to announce a group exhibition with four diverse and dynamic

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Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors and Nature

Ralph Hübschmann I Jonathan Josefsson I Renée Rauchalles I Petra SchottVernissage: 01.04.2023 / 19 PMOpening speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie (International Curator) Pashmin Art Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition at the Bad Tölz branch in Bavaria, Germany, from April 1 to May 6, 2023. The exhibition titled “Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors, and Nature” will showcase the

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Davood Roostaei: The Creator of Cryptorealism (1959-2023)

Davood Roostaei was a remarkable artist and human being whose life was marked by political turmoil and artistic innovation. Born in Iran in 1959, his art studies were abruptly interrupted in 1979 when he was imprisoned for two years for creating art deemed subversive by the Iranian regime. After his release, he realized that he needed to find a new

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Art and Culture

Ticino Girl

“The Girl from Ticino” is a small-format masterpiece painted with a striking empathy. On her back, the young woman is carrying an empty wicker basket, with which she carries the harvested hay from the alpine pastures to the farm in the valley. Undoubtedly, this is hard work, especially for a slender woman, but she does not show evidence of her

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Alexander Dik

– Solo Exhibition –


11.03. - 25.03.2023

Vernissage 11.03.2023 / 7 PM

Säggasse 7, 83646 Bad Tölz


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Hong Art Museum

Hong Art Museum Chongqing was introduced to Chongqing customs area during the opening ceremony of China Free Trade Area (Chongqing).

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“Global Art Magazine is a digital publication that focuses on contemporary art and culture. The magazine offers a comprehensive overview of various art forms, from painting and sculpture to performance art, architecture, and film. It regularly publishes articles, interviews, and reviews that showcase artists and artworks from around the world, and stimulates discussions on current topics in the art world. With its broad range of topics and availability on various social media platforms, Global Art Magazine targets art enthusiasts, collectors, artists, curators, and gallery owners interested in the latest developments and trends in the art scene.”

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