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Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors and Nature

Ralph Hübschmann I Jonathan Josefsson I Renée Rauchalles I Petra Schott
Vernissage: 01.04.2023 / 19 PM
Opening speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie (International Curator)

Pashmin Art Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition at the Bad Tölz branch in Bavaria, Germany, from April 1 to May 6, 2023. The exhibition titled “Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors, and Nature” will showcase the works of four renowned artists: Ralph Hübschmann, Jonathan Josefsson, Renée Rauchalles, and Petra Schott.

Ralph Hübschmann is a German artist known for his unique wooden sculptures. He works out each piece from one piece of wood, focusing on the aesthetic-sensational aspects of the material, and adding only a few additional pieces such as amber, agate slices, and silver alloy. Hübschmann’s work has evolved from refined baroque-style masterpieces to more abstract and delicate pieces.

Jonathan Josefsson is a Swedish artist who creates paintings and textiles, particularly tufted rugs. He has completed over 45 public commissions for municipalities and county councils in Sweden and his paintings are influenced by graffiti culture, featuring abstract patterns in different shapes and colors.

Renée Rauchalles is a painter and author from Munich, Germany. Her paintings are lyrical abstract sound paintings that convey a sense of the immeasurable cosmos of our bodies and the liberation from our physical prison. Her compositions feature organic variations of form, lines, and luminous colors in the interplay between adagio and allegro.

Petra Schott is a German abstract painter who creates emotionally charged compositions characterized by bold use of color, line, and shape. She internalizes colors, shapes, events, and conversations, which she transforms into her own visual reality on canvas. Schott’s art aims to convey the small joys and secrets that make life beautiful and meaningful.

The exhibition “Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors, and Nature” brings together these four unique artists, whose works represent the exploration of abstract art in different forms, colors, and nature. This exhibition promises to be a feast for the eyes and soul, as it offers new freedom of immediate recognition and experience, absorbing human longings, experiences, and visions, giving them new depth and substance. We invite art lovers and enthusiasts to come and experience the abstract expressions of these four artists at Pashmin Art Gallery’s Bad Tölz branch.

Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors and Nature

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