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MONA MOLEO: Bridging Abstract Worlds with Existential Insight

Mona Moleo emerges as a captivating figure in the art world, seamlessly blending existential introspection with the raw emotion of abstract expressionism. A serendipitous moment during homeschooling with her son led to her intense artistic exploration, dedicating long hours to her craft and experimenting with unconventional techniques and materials.

Moleo’s artistry intertwines existential musings with emotional landscapes, combining precision and structure with bursts of color and form. She fearlessly experiments with unorthodox methods, such as breathing colors onto wooden surfaces using straw pieces, and incorporates brushwork before sealing her pieces with resin for longevity. Her works serve as a visual allegory for life’s complexity, embodying the interplay between structure and spontaneity, order and chaos.

Moleo’s artworks serve as visual allegories, celebrating life’s complexity and beauty while inviting viewers to explore their own perceptions and interpretations. A glance at six of Moleo’s artworks offers insight into her thematic exploration.

“Love of Life” is a vibrant celebration of existence, radiating with intense colors and dynamic movement. The interplay of light and shadow created by the LED illumination adds a layer of depth and vivacity, making the colors pop and dance before the viewer’s eyes. The warmth of the reds and yellows, contrasted with the cooler blues and greens, gives a sense of balance and harmony. This spectrum could be interpreted as the range of emotions and experiences that life encompasses. The illumination from the LED lights not only enhances the visual impact of the piece but also symbolizes the light of life itself—energizing, ever-changing, and full of possibility.

“Aquarius Age”, with its rich blue hues and intricate textures, immediately evokes the sense of fluidity and depth that one might associate with the sign of Aquarius. The central motif, possibly a mandala or symbol, stands out as a focal point amidst the seemingly chaotic patterns that surround it, perhaps representing the order and insight that comes from introspection and intellectual exploration—both key aspects of the Aquarian ethos.

“Battle of Avalon” depicts the tumultuous energy of legendary conflicts, evoking introspection amidst vibrant chaos. “Unexpected Expected” juxtaposes structured patterns with chaotic forms, symbolizing life’s unpredictability. “Imperfect Perfect” challenges viewers to find meaning within its abstract composition, playing with known and unknown elements.

“Golden Autumn” captures the transient beauty of fall, symbolizing life’s cycles and precious moments with rich colors and textures. Each painting offers a unique narrative, inviting reflection on human emotions and experiences.

“Orpheo” unfolds as a vibrant explosion of colors radiating from a central point, invoking the natural dynamism of phenomena such as the unfolding of a flower or the fan-like spreading of a peacock’s tail feathers. Set against a subdued backdrop, the vividness of the acrylic colors is magnified, drawing the observer’s gaze directly to the kaleidoscopic burst at its heart. The artwork’s branching designs, which echo the intricate patterns of coral or the branching of dendrites, introduce a fractal repetition reminiscent of natural forms, further blurring the lines between the organic and the artistic.

Moleo’s artistic process is ritualistic and meditative, allowing her to immerse herself completely and infuse her art with metaphysical qualities. Her pieces invite viewers to connect deeply with their inner selves, transcending typical landscapes or figures to evoke emotions and narratives.

Her journey as an artist reflects personal growth and resilience, navigating challenges with grace and determination. Exhibitions at prestigious venues like the Rothko Museum and the Hong Art Museum (Chongqing, China) have garnered significant attention, with future projects scheduled by Pashmin Art Consortia across China, Europe, and Dubai. Through her art, Mona Moleo stands as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of creativity for personal healing and introspection.

Davood Khazaie , Literary Art Critic and International Curator

Link: Mona Moleo

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