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The World of BLONDEMONKEY:From Vivid Hues to Deep Narratives

In the realm of contemporary art, certain visionaries distinguish themselves through their unique artistic approach. BLONDEMONKEY is one such luminary, renowned for his “pop optic art,” a classification previously presented by the writer of this essay in various Chinese and Austrian art magazines. This art encompasses three distinct genres: pop art, op art, and a harmonious blend of both.

Pop art, as an artistic expression, resonates with the familiar and ordinary, deriving its essence from everyday imagery such as human figures, fantastical entities, and cherished comic icons. The outcome is a distinctive art form that feels both modern and evocative. Through the use of radiant colors and a plethora of subjects—be it celebrities, enigmatic forms formed with lines, colors, and shapes, or iconic comic characters—BLONDEMONKEY taps into the vast expanse of artistic possibilities.

A standout piece in BLONDEMONKEY’s repertoire is “Rain Dance (Regentanz).” Upon first glance, its vivid hues might conjure visions of modern-day heroines or ethereal entities. Delving deeper, the artwork reveals layers of nuanced symbolism. The prominent crosses, placed on the arm, thigh, and notably the more intimate parts of the body, carry a deep significance. Evoking imagery of the protective shields wielded by Crusaders in the medieval era, they hint at profound tales and meanings. Through this piece, BLONDEMONKEY artfully presents a narrative of a female warrior, her symbolic armor guarding her most personal spaces. The placement of the Crusades shields, imbued with a historical and cultural significance, on the body of a female form adds a deconstructive dimension to the artwork. It forces the audience to unravel the intertwined narratives of power, subjugation, and sanctity, giving rise to a dialogue that extends beyond the canvas. The juxtaposition of the religious and militaristic symbolism of the shields with the innate vulnerability and strength of the female form initiates a compelling discourse on the conflicts and amalgamations of these disparate elements. From a deconstructive viewpoint, the painting “Rain Dance (Regentanz)” becomes a site where established meanings and narratives are unsettled. The woman’s body, adorned with the symbols of the Crusaders, becomes a contested terrain, eliciting questions about historical conquests, the objectification and sanctification of the female body, and the dialectic between oppression and empowerment. The shields, rather than simply offering protection, raise questions about the boundaries between the sacred and the profane, and challenge the audience to confront and deconstruct embedded narratives about gender, power, and history.

The early seeds of BLONDEMONKEY’s artistic flair were sown by his mother, an artist herself, who passionately crafted abstract collages in her garden shed. Her influence on BLONDEMONKEY is both profound and palpable. As a poignant tribute to her enduring impact, each of his paintings is inscribed at back with the heartfelt message, “In memory of XAVERINA (1951 – 2020), wonderful mother.”

Another masterpiece to note is “The Girl with a Pearl,” a monochromatic work inspired by Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” While BLONDEMONKEY’s piece pays homage to the classic, it embarks on a distinctive journey, offering a renewed perspective. His utilization of black and white colors and bold lines beautifully marries the principles of op art and pop art. Furthermore, his versatility shines in pieces where he reinterprets beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Central to BLONDEMONKEY’s art is the portrayal of the human form, reimagined and fantasized using lines, colors, and shapes. This unique approach not only adds a fresh dimension to the narrative of each piece but also encourages viewers to perceive the human form in a renewed light. The intricate semiotic structures embedded within his creations maintain a harmonious consistency across different series.

In conclusion, BLONDEMONKEY’s artistry weaves a rich tapestry of modern art, ingeniously melding personal experiences, historical allusions, and innovative techniques. His creations not only captivate but also encourage viewers to delve deeper, challenging and enriching their perceptions.

Davood Khazaie
(Literary Art Critic and International Curator)


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