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“Evolution – The Highest Level” by Ralph Hübschmann:Navigating AI through Utilitarianism and Posthumanism


In the continuum of art’s evolution, where creativity intertwines with technology, the German artist Ralph Hübschmann has masterfully sculpted a visual dialogue that bridges past and future. Titled “Evolution – The Highest Level,” this sculptural creation is not merely a work of art; it’s a conduit for philosophical contemplation, guided by the tenets of Utilitarianism and Posthumanism. As the sculpture unveils its layers, it unfurls a narrative that transcends time, inviting viewers to traverse the landscapes of human aspiration and artificial intelligence.

Chronicle of Progress: A Metaphorical Progression

With a lineage that traces back to its precursor, “Evolution – The Next Level,” this sculpture is a manifestation of the ever-advancing human journey. The epoch of Darwinian evolution recedes as a new era emerges – one where the spotlight is cast upon artificial intelligence, or AI. Hübschmann’s artistry urges us to shift our gaze from the past to the present, encapsulating humanity’s ongoing metamorphosis.

Utilitarianism’s Balance of Pros and Cons

Intricately woven within the sculpture’s narrative is Utilitarianism, a philosophical perspective that assesses actions by their overall utility in maximizing happiness and minimizing pain. Here, the duality of benefit and cost is embodied. As the human hand extends to sculpt its ideal counterpart – a mirror image of desires – the creation of an AI-infused cyborg sits beneath.

Utilitarianism’s lens prompts us to scrutinize the advantages and drawbacks of AI’s rise. The outstretched hands allude to the promise of efficiency, productivity, and personalization that AI offers. However, the juxtaposition with the robotic hand prompts questions. How do we weigh AI’s benefits against potential detriments, such as ethical dilemmas, job displacement, and the erosion of human autonomy? Utilitarianism’s discerning gaze necessitates a calculated equilibrium, one that encompasses the aspirations and apprehensions intertwined with AI’s ascent.

Posthumanism’s Frontier: Beyond Human Horizons

The sculpture’s stratums also echo with the resonance of Posthumanism – a philosophical paradigm that challenges traditional notions of human existence. As the artwork presents humans as architects of their own dreams, molding gendered counterparts, it delves into a realm where AI’s transformative potential transcends conventional human boundaries. The robotic hand shaping the cyborg underscores the blurring distinction between human and machine.

Posthumanism’s interplay prompts us to ponder the consequences of transcending the organic. It beckons us to grapple with AI’s potential to elevate human faculties beyond biological limitations. The sculpture’s very structure alludes to a new chapter where AI becomes an extension of our essence, heralding inquiries about identity, consciousness, and what it truly means to be human.

Convergence and Communion: The Journey Ahead

“Evolution – The Highest Level” by Ralph Hübschmann is more than a mere sculpture – it’s a vessel for philosophical discourse, wherein Utilitarianism and Posthumanism converge. As the sculptural narrative unfolds, viewers are prompted to explore the balance between AI’s potential for societal advancement and its potential pitfalls. The human aspiration to transcend human boundaries, as evoked by Posthumanism, dances in harmony with Utilitarian considerations, inviting us to orchestrate a symphony where progress harmonizes with ethics.

The sculpture is an invitation to engage, to contemplate, and to navigate the terrain where human ingenuity converges with technology’s allure. In this dynamic interplay, “Evolution – The Highest Level” bridges the chasm between Darwin’s legacy and AI’s ascendancy, nurturing a discourse that echoes far beyond its contours.

Davood Khazaie
(Literary Art Critic and International Curator of Pashmin Art Consortia)

link: Ralph Hübschmann

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