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Kalchie, the Color-Mystic

kalchie Soloausstellung in Bad Tölz 2023

Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz hosted a highly anticipated exhibition of the renowned artist Kalchie. Attendees of the vernissage were mesmerized by the beauty of her work.

Kalchie’s artwork is truly unique, utilizing bright and bold colors to create an energy and movement in her paintings. She also explores softer, more subtle shades that can be calming or mysterious. Through her intricate brushwork, she creates a tonality that is both persuasive and evocative. Additionally, her use of light is masterful, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. Her work often conveys emotions such as joy, love, and hope. The colors in the paintings of artist Kalchie are always pleasantly soft, they carry a certain longing and soulfulness.

Vernissage: 21. Januar 2023 7 PM
Duration: 21. January – 04. February 2023
Where: Pashmin Art Gallery, Säggasse 7, 83646 Bad Tölz
Artist: Kalchie

The evening was enhanced by the presence of Christine Adler, and Nour Nouri, the director of Pashmin Art. Dr. Davood Khazaie’s opening speech was particularly informative and insightful, providing an interesting background to Kalchie’s work and her use of color and mysticism. In part of his speech, he said:

Upon first view of Kalchie’s artistry, one may miss the delicate nuances of the use of light and colour. But, as the viewer delves deeper, they will begin to perceive the way in which Kalchie has used these components to cultivate an aura of ambivalence and mysticism. Kalchie’s manipulation of light is truly remarkable, able to bestow an impression of depth and dimension to her works that entices the beholder. This is particularly prominent in her paintings of surreal landscapes, evoking the sensation of being drawn into the canvas. Furthermore, her vivid palette is of utmost importance. She commonly prefers to use vivid tones, occasionally accentuating with muted shades. The muted tones generate a sense of stillness, whilst the bright shades bring forth a spark of dynamism. This blend of subtleties and vibrancy creates a harmony of peace and excitement in Kalchie’s artwork. In sum, Kalchie’s artistry is a perfect amalgamation of subtlety and intensity.

Kalchie’s solo exhibition at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz is a rare opportunity to see her work up close and to appreciate the beauty and power of her paintings. Her vibrant colors, ethereal qualities, and dreamlike landscapes create a sense of awe and wonder in the viewer. Her artwork often serves as a reflection on life’s mysteries and provides insight into our innermost thoughts and feelings. Overall, Kalchie’s work is an example of how color can be used to explore deep emotional depths while also creating beautiful artwork.

Website: Kalchie

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