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Visions and Thresholds


Visitors to Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg have the pleasure of exploring the exhibition “VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS”, which showcases the works of three Latvian artists: Māris Čačka, Vineta Kaulača and Sigita Daugule.

Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg is hosting an exhibition of three Latvian artists, Māris Čačka, Vineta Kaulača, and Sigita Daugule, who explore the concept of painting and the relationship between figuration and abstraction. The vernissage of “VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS” was opened on 04.02.2023, and was accompanied by a speech by international curator Dr. Davood Khazaie and a commentary from Māris Čačka, Director of SIVIA Gallery in Latvia. The director Nour Nouri was also present and welcomed the visitors.

Vernissage: 04. February 2023
Duration: 04. February – 25. February 2023
Where: Pashmin Art Gallery, Gotenstraße 21, 20097 Hamburg
Artists: Māris Čačka – Vineta Kaulača – Sigita Daugule

Below is a quick exploration of the works of the three artists, their perspectives on painting and its potential, and their contributions to the contemporary art world according to Khazaie’s speech.

Maris Čačka

Maris Čačka creates letterpress compositions that explore conversations between people in different contexts. He incorporates elements such as painting, pressing, stretching and letterpress to create pieces that explore the nuances of communication and social interaction. His use of color and press creates an engaging visual experience with forms and textures that are both unpredictable and captivating. He encourages the viewer to look for meaning and explore the conversations being depicted, but his work can also be appreciated simply for its aesthetic qualities.

Sigita Daugule

Sigita Daugule is a Latvian artist whose working method involves a layered process of painting, modeling medium, varnish, and pigment. Her style is a combination of modern and postmodern art, incorporating classical color harmony, narrative, and imaginative plots, as well as modernistic masses of color and strokes. Through her artwork, she deconstructs existing social structures by creating unfinished words, forms, and figures. Her painting “Wall” serves as a visual representation of Latvian politics, while “Yellow Triangle” is a testament to her resilience during the Ukrainian war. Her painting “Trusis” (“Rabbit”) also explores the fragmented nature of the world, and “I Wish I Could Draw Cats” reflects the fear and frustration of the creative process. Sigita often uses large canvases to emphasize the themes of her artwork, and to convey a powerful message about social norms.

Vineta Kaulača

Vineta Kaulača’s skillful use of perspective helps guide the viewer’s eye across the painting and allows them to explore different aspects of the artwork. Vineta’s use of space is also highly impressive, as she captures movement through the unique composition and placement of figures within her paintings. Through careful manipulation of perspective, she is able to evoke an impression of movement and suggest the passing of time, creating the effect of a short-term snapshot that never quite resolves into a single, fixed point of view. Vineta takes viewers into the space and time of her paintings through the use of color, light, and geometry. Color can evoke emotion, while light can create atmosphere and a sense of time passing. Geometry adds structure to her compositions, giving the viewer points of reference within the painting to orient themselves and explore the world of the artwork.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Pashmin Art Gallery, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an engaging and thought-provoking experience. The curators, Pavels Terentjevs and Natalja Nouri, did an excellent job of showcasing the work of these three Latvian artists, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend this exhibition.

If you are looking for an exhibition that will challenge the way you see art, I highly recommend visiting Pashmin Art Gallery and experiencing the “VISIONS AND THRESHOLDS” exhibition.

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