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Julius Voegtli: A Swiss Impressionist Pioneer in Hainan Museum


as part of the grand exhibition


at Hainan Tanka Museum in China

Opening Ceremony: 22 September 2023, 10 AM
Duration: 22 September 2023 – 22 November 2023

In the vast tableau of Impressionist art, while some names gleam brightly, others, equally deserving, have often been relegated to the periphery. Among these unsung talents stands the Swiss virtuoso, Julius Voegtli (1879-1944). As the Hainan Tanka Museum in China proudly unveils a grand series of expositions for its opening ceremony, Voegtli’s works are showcased in a specific section of the museum this autumn. Running until 22nd November 2023, the global art community is fervently discussing this remarkable showcase.

A Unique Alpine Breeze in a Parisian Summer
Born in 1874, Impressionism, with its pursuit of transient moments and ethereal light, often divided its beholders. While the Parisian scene was dominated by the brilliance of Cezanne, Monet, and Renoir, Julius Voegtli charted his own Impressionist trail from the scenic vistas of Switzerland. His artistic journey, initiated at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1902, introduced a refreshing Alpine touch to the predominantly French movement.
Notably, his collaboration with the eminent artist Ferdinand Hodler, culminating in a joint exhibition in Biel in 1910, highlighted his rising prominence. However, the pressing question remains: how did an artist of such caliber remain overshadowed in a movement of such global impact?

From the Shadows to the Spotlight
The devastation of two World Wars veiled numerous burgeoning talents. Amidst this turbulence, Voegtli’s brilliance faced an eclipse. His renaissance, however, was orchestrated in the 1970s, led by his devoted grandson, Hans Vögtli. Through strategic alliances, especially with Pashmin Art Consortia, Voegtli’s legacy was resurrected and glorified. Notably, the culmination of these efforts was a comprehensive 540-page monograph, detailing Voegtli’s journey, published in German, English, and Chinese by Pashmin Art Consortia. An exclusive book signing event coincided with the exhibition’s launch, graced by Hans Vögtli, Nour Nouri (Director of Pashmin Art), and Zhang Hang (张航) (Director of Hainan Tanka Museum).

The Many Shades of Voegtli
Julius Voegtli’s oeuvre offers an eclectic mix – ranging from serene Swiss landscapes and introspective portraits to vibrant still lifes and frescoes. His adeptness, be it in aquarelle, oil, charcoal, or ink, speaks of a versatility that challenges even the best in the genre. Through his art, modern spectators get a rare glimpse into a bygone era, characterized by its timeless charm.

The Significance of the Exhibition
The Hainan Tanks Museum, currently showcasing Voegtli’s masterpieces opens its doors for the first time to this great talent. This is not just an exhibition; it’s an intimate communion with a silently profound transformation within Impressionism.
It beckons attendees to experience the mesmerizing dance of light and shade, to travel to quaint Swiss locales, all guided by the brushstrokes of a once-forgotten maestro. Pashmin Art Consortia, in orchestrating this event, highlights the unyielding spirit of artists like Voegtli, reminding us of the countless hidden gems in art history.

In Reflection
Art has an innate ability to transcend temporal confines. Julius Voegtli’s showcase at the Hainan Tanka Museum stands as a testament to this timeless spirit. For those attuned to the rhythms of art and its myriad nuances, the ongoing “Julius Voegtli: A Swiss Impressionist Pioneer” exhibition promises a tryst with artistry, history, and a legacy reborn.

© Project copyright reserved by Pashmin Art Consortia.
© Textual copyright held by Davood Khazaie.
© Artwork copyrights held by Hans Vögtli.

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